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I'll never forget the day it happened

I woke up in my car, and it had to be over a hundred degrees on that parking lot in South Florida. I was asleep for maybe three hours, and I had to be on set in 3o minutes!

You are probably wondering why I was asleep in my oven-like car. It's simple. I was getting some much-needed rest between shoots at my dream job as a beauty model at Home Shopping Network.It was a fantastic job, but the schedule was grueling 24/7.And when I checked my reflection in a mirror, I was terrified to see a puffy and tired face.

My entire career depended on the way I looked, and my skin had to be perfect and seemingly flawless to be booked and well paid as a model. My research for the best and most effective skincare ingredients began then, over 15 years ago, but it all started in a tiny kitchen in Eastern Europe.

I watched my pharmacist-mom cooking her lotions and potions on a stove, building her cosmetology practice, and being obsessed about everything skincare and beauty.

Growing up in this industry gave me incredibly valuable knowledge about skincare products, their ingredients, and how it all works. My mom sat me down and gave me my first skincare regimen protocol at the age of 16.

I owe my great self-care habits to her! It helped me become a successful model, grace many International covers and beauty campaigns. After moving to the States, I found myself very busy traveling from one modeling job to another, often sleeping in my car to get some rest before a casting or a photoshoot.

Self-love begins with daily habits of self-care

Katya Love skincare is all about quality ingredients that transform and nurture our skin in just minutes a day, a few simple steps that are easy to follow, that nourish your skin, and activate the glow from within. But before I tell you all about our products and how to use them, I wanted to share with you all the secrets of the trade to achieve amazing results and be camera-ready any day where filters become optional.

I am Katya Love, the muse behind the brand, and I will change the world. Because I’m a girl and girls are amazing. Thank you for loving and supporting our family business. My mommy and I work really hard.
love katya
Dreams come true when You believe in Love!

- Katya Love

Supermodel Secrets to Flawless Skin

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