The Beauty Benefits of Vitamins B, C & E
- by Natalia Kern

The Beauty Benefits of Vitamins B, C & E

The sunlight and aging can take a considerable toll on our skin, especially if you are not prone to a skincare routine. Your skin is a gift, and it is your job to take care of it. However, if you’ve never been in the habit of it, where do you start?  The first step is that you want to know what skincare ingredients you should watch out for and also which vitamins your skin needs.  Your goal should be to make your skin shine from the inside out.  Upping specific vitamins could help your skin look as radiant as the day you were born.

The Essential Vitamins You Need

With all of the moisturizers, serums, face oils, and cleansers on the market, how can we know what works (hint: #no filter serum :-))? Vitamins B, C, and E are genuinely the best for skincare, and we are going to break down what you need to know about each of them.  You don't have to be an expert on skincare; however, knowing the basics about the right vitamins will ensure your skin will sparkle like a diamond and look oh-so-hydrated. 

What the Heck Does Vitamin B Do?

One thing you might not know about B vitamins is that there are eight different kinds.  The one that you should focus on for skincare is B3.  This string is known as niacin, and it makes your skin incredibly soft and smooth.  If you are known for your flaky and dry skin, slip some B3 into your diet or your skincare routine, and you’ll instantly notice a difference.  B3 is also known to have a skin-lightening agent when added to moisturizers.  

If you end up sliding a vitamin-B complex pill into your diet, you will find it not only has skincare benefits. This incredible vitamin can also assist with your hair growth, promote faster healing of skin wounds, and help grow your nails.

Vitamin C Benefits You Need to Know

You may think that vitamin C is only for your health, but the skin benefits are off the chart, as well.  The role of vitamin C is that it provides antioxidant properties that help the collagen in your skin.  Vitamin C has been referred to as one of the essential vitamins in skincare because it shields your skin from radical caused by environmental factors.  If you are going outside for any reason, you want to find a product that has vitamin C in it to protect your skin.  If you choose products with vitamin C in them, you will see a difference in the surface of your skin’s glow and radiance.  

Vitamin E You’ll Want to Read About

Finally, vitamin E is the last hero for your skin.  Vitamin E will give you soft, hydrated skin.  It is the moisturizing vitamin that will also protect your skin from any pollution that your skin is exposed to.  If you are looking to quench your skin’s thirst, this vitamin is how.

Now that you understand all of the ways that vitamins can help you and protect your skin, you’ll be able to appreciate our #No Filter Vitamin C, B, E & Ferulic Acid Face Serum even more!

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